The Sloth Sanctuary Tour

Watch and Learn about Sloths and their rainforest habitat.

The Sloth Sanctuary is the only research center of sloths in the world, which rescues and rehabilitates injured sloths and cares for those who have been separated from their mothers. Its main purpose is to educate the public about them. Here visitors can see sloths up close and take pictures with then.
This guided tour introduces you to Costa Rican sloths – what they eat, how they live, what makes them unique.
The two kinds of sloths at the Sanctuary are Bradypus variegatus (Three-fingered sloth) and Choloepus hoffmanni (Two-fingered sloth).
You can also take an optional, self-guided walk through the two well-maintained jungle trails.


The Sloth Sanctuary Tour

Watch these charm, slow and adorable creatures!

  • Description about the park with the tour guide.
  • Arrival to the sloth santuary Center
  • Get direct contact with the animals.
  • Enter in the Rehabilitation Area.
  • Visit to the Babies Nursery
  • City Tour.
  • Souvenir stop.
  • Cacao sample.
  • Free water, mango juice or beer to choose from. free Wifi included.