oxcart fabric sarchi tour

Sarchi Artesanal Town Tour

The town of wood carving!

The tour shows to tourists the typical lot of items created by talented local artisans, carved wood designs in bright colors, where souvenir shops for purchase are located. Besides, the tour goes to the Typical Oxcart Fabric, famous worldwide.

The tour travels to the small country town of Sarchi, located less than one hour from the capital city of San Jose, is the country's most famous artisan town. It's a five hour tour cost, price is negotiable one stop to Mariposario (butterfly garden) and the fruit shop.

Sarchi Artesanal Town Tour

Awesome Zip Line Canopy and Adventure Excursions.

  • Arrival to the craft Country Town.
  • Souvenirs Shop Stop.
  • Visit the Typical oxcart Factory.
  • Visit to the artesanal wood workers.
  • Stop out Butterfly Garden.
  • Free water, mango juice or beer to choose from. also included Wifi.