The 10 in 1 Tours


A very affordable tour with professional and experienced guides.

This tour includes Ten different attractions in one single package. A single tour to attractions distributed in various places. On this tour you can see macaw birds, monkeys, parrots. The tour has a duration of six hours, meals, transportation and guide are included and price is negotiable.

Come and watch the crocodiles, the beautiful macaws, incredible landscapes and more! Take a visit at the local fruit shops and watch the exuberant nature and the beauty of our beaches.
We view tourism as a means to bring awareness to the delicate balance between plants and animals, nature needs to keep flourishing.

A very affordable tour with professional and experienced tour guides.
Come with Ricky and have the best attention you can deserve!



Lots of adventures in one single package!

  • Spot out Monkeys living in there natural habit.
  • Fruit stand, get sample of fresh fruits in season.
  • Souvenir shop stop.
  • Tarcoles bridge.
  • Spot out macaws and birds in their natural habitat.
  • River cruise at mangrove jungle safari tour.
  • Lunch in Rest Vista del Mar.
  • Handmade crafts & wood works shop stop.
  • Photographic point, in the Carara Biological Reserve.
  • Stop view point at Rio Tarcoles.
  • Grocery Store stop to pickup coffe.
  • Short stop tour at the town of Puntarenas.
  • Total time 6 hours.
  • Free water, mango juice or beer to choose from, free wifi included.